Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Just about pictures from my camping trip

So I managed to take 339 pictures during our yurting trip this past weekend.  Four days, three nights, six families, 13 kiddos, and the sun was shining the entire time!  I think that justifies it for me.  Right?  And with three kids being my own, that's only 113 pictures of each one, so that's not terribly bad, right?  Okay, so I'm thinking that's a bit extreme, but I'm hoping some of you will pipe in that you take that many pictures in one day.  Who's with me?

Sadly, as I look at my photos, I'm thinking of all of the missed shots I really wish I had taken.  Because 339 isn't enough, is it?  Sure wish I'd captured a photo of the youngest in our group, 18 month old Boden, petting the one little dog in our group, Gordy.  I had secretly hoped that the cooler opening, bagel stealing raccoon would show up again so I could snap a picture of it, too.  And there were so many opportunities to capture a crow or two pecking at our leftover scraps, but I guess I was too annoyed at their early morning cawing to think about the picture opportunity at the time.  I desire these last two photos only because I did manage to witness this squirrel climb onto our table, grab a piece of graham cracker and high tail it up a nearby tree to gloat about his success right in front of us.

We were warned, but boy, were these critters fast acting!

I really wanted to get a shot of each family together, but only ended up getting three out of six complete family pictures.  Not terrible.  I did capture everyone from our group numerous times, just not in their complete family units.  I won't complain about that, though.

I have to admit that I really, REALLY desired an all group photo, but I didn't even bring it up this time, thinking about how well we'd all gotten along up to that point and not wanting to ruin it and be the one to destroy the perfectly complete happy memories for one shot that logistically was almost impossible.  Not completely impossible, but considering the only place we were all together was at the campsite either early in the morning, chugging our morning brew at 7 AM, or right before/during dinner with hungry, overtired children (and adults) to feed, I just wasn't going to push it.  We did take a few group kid shots, but there isn't a single one where all 13 children are all together, but that's okay.  I'll live.  This time.

Kim S. 
Addicted to photo taking opportunities and scrapbooking.

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