Monday, January 31, 2011

Stroller Review- Continued

See preface to this post:  Which double stroller do I need?!

1)      iCandy Peach/Pear/Blossom
To begin, the “unique” option! I drool over this and wonder where this was when I had twins. This is SMALLER and more compact than anything else you are going to see. Easier to shop with, but in turn, perhaps not great if you are destined to have big kids, since it won’t last as long:

The pictures speak for themselves! The stroller can take one OR two seats. The combinations are endless. Two bassinets, two seats, two car seats, or any combination of the two! We have no local iCandy dealers, but you can order online. Rick ( at Baby On The Run, is FABULOUS to deal with and will answer any questions you have.  Enter the code multiple on the site to get 10% off your purchase!

Check out this fun review of iCandy Pear, too.

2)      Mountain Buggy Duet
If you’re looking for a more traditional option, Mountain Buggy is releasing their new Duet stroller in 2011. This is being touted as the most NARROW side-by-side stroller, measuring in at 25" wide. That’s a full 5" narrower than the Mountain Buggy Urban Double. The narrowest SBS currently on the market is 28.5", so this is a HUGE difference!

This was viewed by many at the ABC show and is planned to accept two car seats, or two bassinets!

3)      ABC Reclining Toddler Seat
The only problem with this stroller is finding one! They pop up from time to time, but since there are no US dealers, you have to import them. I owned a double with a reclining toddler seat and it was FABULOUS! For you triplet and quad moms, this is the only stroller I know about that can work FROM BIRTH until toddler-hood AND fits through standard doorways.
You can order online and have your stroller shipped. These are incredibly well made and ABC, or Adventure Buggy Company, is owned by Phil and Ted, who make the Phil & Ted strollers we see in the US.

The downfall to this stroller, is if you are short, it can be difficult to see over the top seat. At a whopping 5’2”, I could kinda see, but had to look to the side.  I have several pictures of myself standing behind this stroller. Comment below with your email if you'd like me to send a picture to you.

4)      Stroll-Air My Duo
This is a SBS stroller with two independent seats. The seats can either be forward or parent facing and each seat has its own canopy. It can also accept two infant seats (I believe this is also how the Duet will accept two carseats), or two bassinets (which I believe are sold separately).  The Stroll-Air My Duo also had an adjustable handle bar, which makes it ideal for parents of different heights, so everyone can be comfortable pushing the stroller.

A video review of  this stroller by BabyGizmo.comStroll-Air My Duo

To be continued . . .
Robyn R.
FHM Mommy to 4 yr. old twin boys & 1 year old girl

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Which double stroller do I need?!

Like many new moms, as soon as I found out I was pregnant, the first thing I did was to start a “secret” registry list. Secret, because I wasn’t even eight weeks pregnant, so I didn’t need family and friends finding it and thinking I was crazy, but I just LOVE all the gear! Convinced I was going to have a little girl, I put the Laura Ashley print Graco Travel System on my registry (as a side note, I am cringing as I type that!). Surprise, surprise, it’s not that one sweet girl in there, it’s two boys… There goes the registry…

When my twins were little we had the Double Snap-n-Go and the Combi twin stroller. When I sold that Combi I was NEVER so happy to get something out of my house. I hated that stroller more than anything. I had no idea there was a world of strollers outside of the Babies R Us stroller section. Thank goodness I finally got a clue and purchased my WONDERFUL BOB Duallie. It was a dream to push and I loved it to pieces. Now, with my third child, I have an obsession for all things stroller. Well, and all things baby carrier and diaper bag, too, but for now, we're talking strollers.

Over the next few days, I’ll discuss stroller options for twins. You won’t find a Duoglider in this review. To be fair, you won’t find much in the sub-$200 range, but think of this:  A Duoglider is what, $150?  And you’ll be lucky to see $50 of that back on craigslist. If you go the “upgraded” Quattro Tour, you’re looking at $290 and still only going to get a SMALL fraction of that money back if you resell. So, yeah these strollers are more expensive, but you are much more likely to resell them at a higher price, therefore losing less in the long run. Trust me. I have owned ELEVEN strollers… (don’t tell my husband!)

Robyn R.
FHM Mommy to 4 yr. old twin boys & 1 year old girl

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Munch & Brunch (and make a friend or two)

Brunches rock!  And I'm not just saying that as one of the former co-coordinators of brunches. (Okay, maybe I'm a little biased.)  I'm definitely saying it, though, because that's the vibe I felt after this past weekend's New & Expecting Parents Brunch held in Vancouver. 

Something happened at this brunch that hadn't happened in the two years I'd held this role.  Everyone on the RSVP list showed up!  We always count on a few not making it, which is to be expected, especially this time of year.  But to have everyone actually show up is amazing!  (I RSVP'd three times when my boys were little and emailed last minute to cancel each time due to illnesses. We discovered later that the twins had allergies. Ugh.  Sorry 2006/07 coordinators.  We didn't help with your attendance percentage.) 

With ten families, there were three expecting and seven sets of twins.  Something I found interesting was that only one set was fraternal boy/girl, aside from our wonderful hosts' 23 month old b/g twins.  Out of those six other sets, five were identical boy or girl sets.  In the past two years, we definitely encountered more fraternal sets, so this was a rare event, and especially fun for me since I have identical boys.

I was so appreciative of a conversation I had with our volunteers as well.  Julie, mom of BG twins, and Savanna, mom of BBG triplets, met at one of the first brunches I helped put on two years ago, and both expressed to me how much they appreciated that experience.  For Savanna, it was their first FHM outing.  Since then, they've chatted with each other at events and swapped stories about their now 2 1/2 year old multiples.

 Our 2010 & 2011 Secretary, Savanna M., holding the only boy/girl twins in attendance while their mom eats.  Busy mom to triplets, Savanna is very skilled in holding "just" twins.

Knowing how many meaningful friendships I have made since joining FHM, I encourage new and expecting parents to get out there and attend a brunch!  Or coffee hour!  Or go to a meeting!  Or volunteer and shop at the resale!  Or have fun at a party!  Or do all of these things!  Whatever it may be, strike up a conversation with another parent and start a friendship with someone going through life with multiples who will "get" you.  That's what Julie and Savanna (and I) did, and we're all so very thankful for it.

Kristina S., my 2010 brunches co-coordinator extraordinaire, holding a twin while her parents enjoy food and conversation.
Kim S.
2011 Community Manager
FHM Mommy to 4 yr. old twin boys & 6 yr. old boy